Who We Serve


Whether you are a musician, painter, author, scupltor, performer, or master craftsman, your creativity is your livelihood.  You should also have the right people standing behind you to help protect your livelihood.

We focus on creating fair deals with galleries, publishers, recording studios, performance venues and licensing that protects your interests.  We also help you protect your valuable intellectual property, whether it is copyrightable, a trademark or a trade name.

In addition to protecting your livelihood, we help you protect your legacy.  Estate planning for artists has many unique issues, that, if not addressed properly, can cause many problems for heirs and can result in an artist’s legacy ending up in a way the artist never wished nor intended.

The Artistic Community

The artistic community is made up of a variety of institutions designed to protect and preserve our culture, our history, and our heritage.  Our goal is to help artistic institutions achieve this important goal by helping them with all of their legal needs.

Allow us to help you create legally binding documents, such as deeds of gift, loan agreements, and licensing agreements that will allow you to leverage your intellectual property while protecting your rights.  We also help you to determine the provenance of items in your collection to not only determine physical ownership but intellectual property ownership as well.
We have made an extensive study of the Copyright Act of 1909, an Act that is critical to any work published before January 1, 1978.  Unfortunately, there are many who do not realize this law still exists, and have inadvertently given up valuable intellectual property rights. Based on our knowledge, we can truly help you determine your rights and protect you against misinformed (or unscrupulous) claimaints.

We also present educational seminars on a wide variety of legal, collections care and management topics tailored to your organization.  These seminars range from one hour to a full day depending on your needs.